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where can i buy a remote controlled stepper motor kit , that i can use to controll an esc? Answered

hi, i am building an rc tank, and have decided that i want to put an electronic speed controller on the tank to control the speeds of the two motors used for both steering and driving. however, i am having difficulties finding a stepper motor i can control via remote control, ANYWHERE!!.
i need to get a stepper motor, so that i may control the esc, as the only esc i can get without paying more than $30, and will work at the current i am using, needs me to turn a knob to determine the speed, that knob, i will be turned by the stepper motor.
now what i have in mind is that i have two kits foir controlling the stepper motor, both i will put onto my remote controller board, so they act like a gear stick on a car, these will control the speeds the motrs go at when i use the on /off signals from the remote control to the motors.
what i am asking is where can i get a kit that will wirelessly control a stepper motor, using a band that isnt 27mhz, 40mhz, or 315mhz.
but the thing is i dont want aan esc that can be directly controlled by a receiver, as i also plan on using that kit for something else,  as i may just decide to use it to pivot a wireless camrea that is mounted on the tank.


My friend and myself actually made a PCB that lets you do exactly this. It takes in a PWM signal and controls a stepper motor in either full rotation or in absolute position mode. In effect it lets you control a stepper motor just like you would control a servo. We sell it as a kit on our site http://store.cunningturtle.com/product/ct-60
We use this a lot ourselves any time we want to control a stepper motor with an RC remote control.

Where did the cunningturtle go?! You have the only and best r/c stepper solution. Yet, you're website is broken and you just went dark. What's going on? Is the schematic to your driver anywhere? Can we at least build this for ourselves if you are out of business? Please respond; the people want the cunningturtle!

This looks like just what I need but is your replacement part going to be able to handle 4wire steppers? And if so, when's it available?

My inclination would be to build something myself. IF I were doing this I would use a Picaxe microcontroller because they are fairly easy to programme and have a good support forum -

This will decode the RC signals without problems and then drive a suitable power stage to control the motors - Usually an H bridge set up - relays if necessary.


Is an example of a RC ESC

what, i need to program the chip?
programing is done manually, not with a pc right?
anyway, i was more into looking for something pre-built, as im not exactly at that level in which ide be able to build something like that myself.thats why im aksing where can i buy one

The programming editor is a free down load from their web site - You only need a connecting cable - again they can supply.

Although there is a small equipment outlay you will be able to re-use much again in the future.

Pre built costs!!

so tell me, what are all the arduino things i need to buy so that i may wirelessly controll a stepper motor with a lever or knob or some form of mechanical action that is tranmitted with a tranmitter, and received by a receiver which then drives a stepper motor.

my main problem is that i can find a receiver for the stepper, but i cant get a transmitter that matches it.
thats why im looking to buy one

ok, but still, if anyone comes across any kits or hatever of prebuilt pre programed rc steppers, such as preprogramed r/c receivers , please let me know

The ESC takes in a pulse-per-minute value and converts it to 3-phase AC for a brushless motor. You don't need a stepper.

Radio>>>Receiver>>>ppm value to esc>>>brushless motor.

As usual I point you to dealextreme.com. They have lots of receivers, esc's, and motors. Since its for a tank, you probably want to gear down the motor, and preferably get one that can do reverse...

If you truly want to use a stepper motor, it gets more complex, and I've never seen a driver that takes in a radio signal and turns it into stepper driver.
There is an arduino motor shield that can control a couple steppers, and you could use some sort of radio to get control to the tank - again, I can't think of why to use this method over 'just a regular motor with speed control'.

im not using a brishless motor
and also ill point out that my nitro buggy, uses two stepper motors to operate the steering and the air intake for the motor, thats it. what im looking for is perhaps a receiver and tranmitter kit i can get, that does the exact same thing, now i also mentioned i wanted the stepper anyway for whatever other reason, just incase the motor speed isnt what i expected it to be, see the thing is, i call it a tank, but its more of a buggy or rover, as it uses 4 wheels, and each motor drives 2, these motors have a very high speed , plus it has a cannon, so its more like a tank.
see the thing is also, i dont have the wheels on it yet, as im still waiting for some custom made motor shaft gears to come in that i orderd for the abnormally large shaft size, for which i couldnt get any shaft gears at my local hobby store.
anyway, the other thing i wanted to use the stepper motor for was to opreate a number of things, such as a flamethrower, to control the gas flow, and to change the angle of the wireless camera it has atached on it, and to , as i just said, if it goes fast enough, which ive calculated it can, ill add a cheaper than automatic, dc motor esc, so i can safely steer while still going quite fast, without needing to stop each time i want to turn, and also to automatically tune the motor speeds, in case one motor goes faster than the other, which i can do on my nitrobuggies stepper controlls.

anyway, i still want to know a specific location i can buy such a controller, with a transmitter, as i have seen somewhere at a store before (electronics store), a stepper motor controlling rf kit, which had a lever (like on any r/c controller), that would controll the stepper motor. i am looking for such a kit, preferebly one with interchangable crystals, as i am using 3 frequencies on my tank already.

Cool! Confirm for me one more time: that you really mean steppers and not servos.

yes i mean steppers, as in the ones that move a certain amount of degrees, not like normal motors.

also , i want to ask, as i cant figure out for myself on the site, with arduino kits, will i be able to build a remote stepper kit, that will turn the stepper motor accordingly to how i rotate a whel on the contorlls, like in standard stepper servos for nitro cars, if they do, i might get one of those, the reason im a little hesitant of those is because i dont actually know what it is xactly that i will be able to do with those

I'm just trying to wrap my head around exactly what the desired outcome is. A servo is (generally) able to be put at a certain angle, usually in a 180 degree range, fairly precisely.

A stepper gives fixed relative rotation per pulse of input, and can rotate infinitely in either direction.

Do you want to drive the vehicle wheels with stepper motors, or somehow actuate an esc with a stepper or servo to control dc motors' speed?

yes, i want to control an esc, and also if i think i dont need the esc, ill use the stepper to controll a cqamera pivot, or the angle of a cannon( attached to camera pivot), or just aim any guns or such i have on the tank.

ESCs are also made for standart d/c motors.

Sort of agree. Regular motor only requires two connections. Taking a regular rc car and hijacking the internals is not a bad idea. Using opto-isolators could allow you to use higher voltage motors. Stepper motors and 360 degree servos require more intelligence in the car or tank. The costs to do that outweigh the benefit.

I am building a wifi controlled tank that will use a combination of regular motors, stepper motors, and servos, but I am using a pc motherboard for all the internal intelligence required. Lot cheaper than buying all the special boards for what you want to do..