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where can i buy another firetip 8ft telescopic fish rod? Answered

hello, 6-7 years ago i went to the melbourne boating camping fishing expo where lots of cheap brand new models (samples) fishing rods were being sold.
while there, i bought a telescopic fishing rod, which only now while looking for a replacement have i actually noticed it has writting on it! (because it is on the second section.
over the years it has sufferd many damages, including what it got when i first bought it, which was that the top section became jammed in, and even now i cannot remove it, and while trying to undo what i did when i flicked up my rod , i ripped off the second tracer.

over the last year i have done too much damage for me to risk using it anymore (it is a beloved sentimental treasure, which i hope to restore when i can), and i dont want a different carbon fiber , i want one the same as this, so i ask, does anyone know where i can find another rod like this? i suspect its made my uglystick, but i cant be sure though it shares the same paintwork pattern.
i want to start fishing again now that i have located a hidden fishing spot known as sandy creek, which occasionally gets monster fish at high tides, and usually has decent fish in it always, as opposed to other shore accessed spots around darwin tiwi area.

i am thinking of buying a palegic carbon fiber fishing rod, but i really like m old rod,
please help!
ill give a best answer to anyone who can resolve my problem, or find a lookalike


nope and wtf?
i know how to do a google search, but im looking for this very specific brand of rod!

not some other kind.
though thanks for the input, i really do need that brand , the firetip, or a lookalike

Ah, so you meant "or a lookalike from the same company". That was not clear.

In that case, I can't help you. You've got as much chance of tracking down the actual manufacturer as I have. More, probably.

sorry, i meant lookalike "OR" from the company that makes it (the actual one)

Seemed to me that some of the units in the websearch were "lookalikes". But only you know what looks enough like to meet your criteria.