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where can i buy liquid latex? Answered



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There are a few safety guidelines you should follow if applying liquid latex to your skin. You should always patch-test a small area prior to full application. If you experience any discomfort, or a rash appears you should stop using it as you're likely to have a latex intolerance. Also, liquid latex will stick to your hair. The only way to remove latex with hair attached to it is to pull it off. (ouch!). The same applies to clothing, once it's on there it won't wash out. Liquid latex contains ammonia, for it's preserving qualities, and therefore has a strong aroma, so a ventilated room is recommended. A good liquid latex guidelines page can be found at http://www.liquidflesh.com .

There's lots of fun to be had with liquid latex especially with Halloween just around the corner. A little common sense will ensure a good time is had by all.

During Halloween Party City Has MANY Shipments Of It!!!!!

COPYDEX is also a latex based adhesive but test a small amount on skin first incase of irritation

I get mine from the shop by me in Indiana. Its called Fun F/X. They have a website or you can call them and ask them to ship it. They will ship anywhere in the US. The number is 574-272-7890 and the website is www.funfx.com. If it is not on the website, just call them. they carry everything from 1 ounce bottles all the way up to a gallon and maybe even 5 gallons. They can even answer questions and give suggestions. The prices are pretty good too. Just as an FYI, latex can't be shipped if it is below something like 50 degrees cause it wrecks the latex and is good about a year.

I have heard that you can melt latex gloves to use, I dont know how well it works, or for what you are using it.

Or, if you don't mind paying a lot, adult stores carry it.

Depending on the quantities you need, I'd check your local costume shop. They usually sell small bottles of liquid latex for use in skin effects.