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where can i buy the following capacitor McIntosh 2700uF 80v? Answered


With all due respect, one should not lightly choose a replacement cap for a McIntosh amplifier oir one may end up with undesired results.

You should (imo) contact McIntosh to get a recommended replacement part number or seek the advise of audiophile level websites for repairs to these amplifiers.

Just selecting the right cap value and voltage rating may not be and quite likely isn't enough. It was afaik somewhat routine in the bygone days for production values used in mfg being hand selected components from large batches, so even if they're marked "5% or whatever, they may in fact need to be specified with more precision or be matched to companion devices.

Any 80V electrolytic of 27,000uF or more will work. 33,000uF is a more common value.