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where can i find 55 gallon steel drums? Answered

i need one for projects like a charcoal burner or just storage. but they cost about 60$ new. i always see them as trash cans in parks in such so i guess their cheap use, but where do you find them used?


I've seen plenty around the harbour dry-docks. You could also try to contact a metal scrapper, they have all sorts of items they can sell you for cheap.

Wherever you get them, make sure you get one that didn't previously contain something toxic.

honestly, that's becoming less and less easy, as many former uses for steel drums has been taken up by a variety of plastic-based drums, and environmental concerns dominate, so they're not littering the empty spaces like they once did. I rarely see them anymore. When I was a kid, they were literally everywhere you looked.

The other thing, of course, is that since they became popular as foundations for grills, companies started grabbing up rights to them so they could be converted or sold as is.

Sadly the plastic variations aren't too conducive for charcoal grilling I'm afraid ;)

Try asking at a local garage - their clean engine oil will probably arrive in them.