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where can i find solar panals? Answered

where can i find solar panals



Best Answer 8 years ago

Well if you had said "I need a solar cell" I would have sent you to Radio Shack.  They have exactly what you want. 

But you said "solar panel" and that generally means a larger bank of solar cells.  Not available at Radio Shack.

sorry i mean solar CELL the size of an itouch

i mean the size probally the size of an itouch

Depends upon what size you want, if you want small ones for little projects then places like JayCar, DickSmith, Radio shack and places like that will supply them, but for your roof or something big like that then go to a rural supplies store or a roofing center.

There are lots of places to buy the on the i-net.  ebay has a great stock of them.

Or do you mean for free?