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where can i get a focusing lens for my 1000mW burning laser? Answered

i just bought this laser diode

but when i first used it, with me not knowing that it didnt come with a lense to allow it to burn things from a distance less that 1 mm.
i was unable to use it properly, due to it not having a focusing lens, instead nwhat i get is a spray of light in a large rectangle sort of shape.

so now im stuck with the dilema, where can i get a focusing lens for it so it makes a dot like any normal laser, WITHOUT  using the laser flashlight hack, as i dont want to spend that much money, i just want to buy a lens, or ripp one form a dvd player , and thats it done, i can use the laser to light viscus fuse from at least 20m

please help me, and whoever gives me a best answer without mentioning a thing about lasers being dangerous and stuff like that, i promise will get a best answer.

also i will flagg any answers that are intentionally not answering my questions and say, as i statyed above, "this is dangerous, you could poke your eye out with viscus fuse" . and " lasers are dangerous dont use them". or other pointless warnings i have already read on line.
i have bought infrared laser safety goggles that came with my laser diode that are strong enough to withstand being directly shon at in the eyes with the 1 wat laser and not see a thing, or so ive heard, im not taking that chance.

just to be clear i know what kind of lens i need, i just dont know WHAT lens i need


This thought occurs to me: if it weren't for the lens already on it you would have a parallel laser-beam.
And by that I mean that you should remove the thing that is givng a spray of light in a large rectangle sort of shape. (Lasers don't do that normally)


Hey Leonie,
Any laser diode will make a spray of light without a lens, and what makes it a rectangle is the fact that all 445nm lasers and 635nm lasers and a rectangle beam because they are in multi mode. unlike a 405nm laser or 650nm laser. which are in single mode.
hope this helps!

well, there is no lense currently on it, i was told when on a smal sheet of paper when i bought it i would need a cullimating lens so it would be a normal laser dot, but the seller has no idea on where to obtain such a lens.
also i have no intentions of making my own, i simply want to buy one. but as i mentioned before i hyavent the slightest clue as to what i should be looking for as i dont know what they do.

OK, I'm a bit stuck for what you need, but let's hope someone else knows better.


Might have a rectangular mask built in or its exit aperture may be rectangular. That's not technically a lens.. Also, I might add that solid state lasers often have a wide dispersion angle, much more so that gas lasers.


oh i forgot to mention this laser has no lens, and burning lasers do, do hat normlaly as its only a diode, without a housing

And while you're at it, beware of spectral reflections. They can be as damaging as direct exposure, since they'e not an expected source and so are often not thought of until the damage is done. I have a few dead spots in my vision from them obtained during the course of professional work with a variety of lasers over the years.