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where can i get a free ram download that is safe? Answered

my ram memory is low. i want to increase it safely.


hahaha funny note to others: as far as I know the link is safe and funny don't waste your time though

Lol, that link is perfectly safe and it's obviously just a joke. btw, use Firefox as your browser and get the NoScript plugin and then you would have to worry a lot less about getting infected from malicious web sites. - John

Oh, this is just another website teaser? Sigh. People have to learn that this causes more annoyance than hits.

Pretty funny. I had to follow the link just to see what was at the end of it. I gotta quit doing that.

You can't download it. RAM is Random Access Memory which is a phyiscal drive, not a virtual drive. RAM comes in sticks for example I would get a RAM stick that is...1gb and i need ddr pc3200. To find out what type of RAM to buy contact your motherboard manufacturer or go to http://www.crucial.com/ and use their ram tool.

Yeah, as previously stated, a stick of RAM is a physical thing, so thus it can't be downloaded :). You can get RAM for pretty cheap at Newegg, they usually have the lowest prices. If you need help picking out compatible RAM, just tell me the model number of you computer and I'll send you a link to RAM that will be compatible with your computer.

nobilis with pentium4. windows professional1-2cpu. #e85-00970.from faella09 thank you

The "#e85-00970" is part of your XP License Key, which doesn't help me know what type of RAM you need. The model number of your computer will look something like "HP s7520n" (if it were an HP). P.S. I'm assuming that this isn't all a joke...

RAM is physical chips. There is no way to download real-world objects yet. (IBM did have a team working on quantum teleportation, but that doesn't help either.)

Heh "Quantum RAM" by using it, you change it's memory capacity.