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where can i get a hot x-acto knife in Canada, Vancouver? Answered

i need some thing to cut plastic easily and precisely


go to the
Make a  Hot Knife using a soldering iron
instructable and that is it

I had a few ideas on how to do this, however I happened to stumble upon this and I knew I had found your answer!


9 years ago

I don't know if you can find it out west or not but radioshack (now "the source") has a kit for 20-30 cad that has a soldering iron with a bunch of extras including a hobby knife holder as a bonus it also has a cheaply made RS quality soldering gun XD

I don't think such tool commerensaly exist, I read there was one DIY'er made his own by welding a x-acto blade onto a soldering tip and use it on the soldering iron.

great answer, although i cant find the instructable. the only one i found was the kind of bad soldering iron tip into knife kind of thing. he just stamps the end flat.

Unfortunately, he did not make an instructable, I saw his project on Makezine.

If your not cutting a whole lot, you can heat up the blade of a normal x-acto knife with a candle or something similar and use that. Be careful not to burn or cut yourself though.