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where can i get a orignal knex coaster/ big gray motor? Answered

ive seen the ibles but they use the big gray motor i was wordin if some one could give me a link? also i was wordin bout where i can get a orginal knex coaster


wearabouts do you live , if in the uk then you can get one from knex user group . com , it costs £17.19, hope this helps

Sorry. The big gray motor is called the All Terrain Trekker, but is now discontinued for no reason. It has two speeds and works on 4 AA batteries. You must search on eBay or somewhere else. I was lucky I got 2 motors 3 months ago for only 14$!

they are not just grey they also come in green blue and i think black

You can buy it directly off knex.com for about $15 (Just the motor)