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where can i get a spray can-like spray nozzle made from metal? Answered

Hi, im currently doing a project which uses a high volume, low pressure water motor and needs to spray a mist, using little pressure.

Essentially what im after is something with the same specs as a regular aerosol can spray nozzle, except it needs to be straight, and made of metal, so it wont dissolve in the petroleum oil, or slip . ive tried using a normal spray nozzle but the pressure is too great and no matter how i go about binding the tube to the nozzle it always pops out, either because it grows soft and warps from the petroleum oil in the spray mix, or from the overal lubricating effects. either way, using spray can spray nozzles is bad.
For another project ill be doing at the same time, which is for watering my plants, i still also need a straight spray head, prefferbly made of metal, as this one will have a bit more pressure behind it, and i need to be able to absolutely permanently attach the nozzle to a pvc plastic hose.

I dont want to vary at all from my design, or compromise with a plastic version.

What im after is a straight spray nozzle, aka, not bent, that sprays a mist of roughly more or less the same size and directionality, and angle as a earosol spray canister. for all intents and purposes, my water motor will be putting out perhaps 2/3rds of the pressure of your typical spray can, a normal spray nozzle works fine, so all im after is a metal equivalent, or anything that wont dissolve in petroleum oils, acetone or paint laquer.

does anyone know where i can find such a thing?



WHat do you mean by spray gun?
I have established that spray bottle nozzles require far too much pressure to work, ill have a look though on that site ravencraft, thanks

The biggest problem with getting one made is price. milling one would probably be over a hundred dollars or more, depending on tolerances. 3D printing one would be expensive. I recommend what the others said, which is to use a COTS part instead of trying to make one.

You could make one - like this.

I use a big version as a garden sprinkler. It gives a wide fine fan spray.

water spray.jpg

Buy a cheap car spray gun ? They work on pretty low pressures too.

Or just buy the spray tips, they are available in various spray patterns and volume.

The local supermarket had a deal on a whole gun for about 10 bucks equivalent a couple of weeks back.