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where can i get food grade caffeine for cheap? Answered



Hey, Try www.unitedneclear.com it would be under Chemicals & Metals they have 3 different sizes dont know if its food grade though.

yes, sorry I had one of those memory lapses there, hehe
actually that caffeine isnt food grade though :(

straight form the united nuclear site
"This material is for experimental purposes only and not to be added to food or drink products."

you do not want to consume this material, it is scientific grade. If you are looking to consume you must find food or medical grade.

I think that some of the best caffeine powder can be found on some of these websites: www.bulkcaffeinepowder.com (in the USA I think) www.ag-nutri.com.br and finally pure organic caffeine powder from www.euro-caffeine.com I've been using caffeine powder for years and found that you have to trust the sources. On Ag-nutri you can read alot about the sources and how much they do, to ensure the high quality of their caffeine powder. So I hope my advice was useful and again, you will be very satisfied with the service and quality on those websites. I personally shop on "ag-nutri.com.br" and I buy minimum 1 kilo at a time. That way you will get a track and trace number, to follow your order :) Have a nice one! :)

Caffeine is a nuerotoxin, too much can kill. About one gram, or something like that... Besides that, google it. Caffeine, Caffeinee Powder, Food Grade Caffeine, etc. -PKT

Just look up "caffeine powder" for lots of places to buy it. The average cup of coffee has about 100 mg. So buying 100 g means you're getting the equivalent of 1,000 cups of coffee.

That said, be very careful what you do with pure caffeine powder because what may seem like a small amount may be enough to kill you.