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where can i get software/hardware for my cnc? Answered

where i can get all the hardware and software required for my first cnc machine?i am a carpenter so the mechanical part of my build is second nature.but clueless when it comes to tech.can anyone help me out in lamins terms?ie.where to get pre-built pcb's and motors strong enough to cut hardwoods?software aswell thanks.


ebay is a good source of motors and driver boards. As for the software, try kcam.

awsome thanks for responding...what specificly is the best motor model? and could i possibly use a ceiling fan motor?they have lots of torque, and are two directional.

What you need are stepper motors. A normal motor will not work. What's different about stepper motors is they can be precisely controlled to around 1/200 of a turn. The size of motor really depends on how fast the tool needs to travel, and what torque is needed. Search for "cnc" on this site and see what kind of motors other people have used.

ahhh I c. OK will continue on the stepper motors. I have checked this site pretty thoroughly and no one really specifies the type needed. also what kind of pub's (?) to use or where to get them....lots of awesome into on how to build a basic one,which following their diagrams could probably build but successfully ?...is another question. so what would recommend benthekahn? thanks again.

Otherwise theres EMC2 a free linux distro or i get some of my electronics from electronics123 .co . za