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where can i get some free electronics without telling them what i need them for? Answered

where can i get some free electronics without telling the company what i need the samples for?



8 years ago

For small, descreet momentary switches that are good fir tiny projects take apart a keyboard, the kind with large keys, not a flat one and desilder the switches from inside. You can get 104 of these switches. As for really bright LEDs. Buy some cheapie led lights from the dollar store, I look fir "umbrella lights" and you can get many high power LEDs, see my pro led fan mod, sorry I don't gave a link. You can't really get high power LEDs aside from that. Hope I helped!

No keyboard I have disasembled has seperate switches. They are all membrane switch type jobbies. Of course you could cut it into a hundred bits... Someone on ebay is selling 100 leds for $5.99 (I think.. its something like that) And you can choose what colour you want them to be, for example 50 blue, 40 red and 10 green. Its not free, but it is the least expensive you are likely to find. I have just spent many hours looking for free leds. They are not easy to find. If you really have no cash at all, there are sites that will give you paypal cash in exchange for filling out surveys.

its mostly in old keyboards. im talking about the ones that plug in with a round plug, not usb.

Old TVs, and stereo systems (the sort of things people throw away) are a good source of bits. Really bright LEDs will probably cost you though. L

I suppose it depends on what exactly you need. If you're looking for resistors, capacitors, etc., dig through the trash, or craigslist. Lots of freely available devices have components in them that you can remove and use for whatever you want. But something tells me you already knew that. Tell us what you're looking for, no details needed (as far as I'm concerned), and we may be able to tell you where to look.

mainly LED's i got a few but i need some really bight ones, capacitors will be useful as well as flick switches, any switch really