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where can i get under glow for my R/C car? Answered


make one, get a led set up and then hook them up to your main power source with a good resistor, what type of r/c car...electric, or gas?
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9 years ago

OK, iv'e done this myself, all you need to do is drill some holes on the base, and glue some led's , then wire them to the battery, or motor controls so it goes i=on when you want it to. It works great, but it will lower the battery life. It's a lot cheaper though.

Real automotive underglow uses CCL's (Cold Cathode Lamp). They are basically the same thing as the light source in a flatbed scanner. However these require an inverter to supply the proper current to the lamps. This is all in all too bulky to fit in an RC car.

A quick google search netted me this place: http://www.rctech.net/forum/r-c-items-sale-trade/270649-1-18-scale-underglow-led-kits.html

The guy that started that forum thread makes kits for sale and from looking at the kit itself, it seems its a simple LED circuit with some short lengths of acrylic rod/tube to diffuse the light from the LEDs.