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where can i get zinc poweder? besides UN? Answered

i am looking to get zinc powder without ordering off united nuclear? anywhere local/get it out of another product


I will make an instructable showing you how to make it VERY EASILY. I guranetee you have the things to make it. if you dont ill ship you the tools. It will take a little time to make the ible' so do you want me to PM you telling you what to do so you dont have to wait?

You can make it yourself! here's a link to a video (it's the only video i could find on this subject but it works very well) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7-46-7ZR9E

 I guess if you were really desperate, you could take zinc metal and just file away...

i know this is a little late, but I have been calling around to find the anode and i noticed that almost all Marine Stores carry them, not hardware stores. just thought that might help

little will happen with a few seconds of exposure to water and less than 1% of the powder will be made up of ceramic powder so you could do it without water. or better yet use clear glycerin or mineral oil.

It often turns up on ebay in batches of a few hundred grams.

You go to a local hardware store and get some zinc anode, they are basically a brick of zinc used to stop metal from rusting in water. Once you get some use a vacuum and a grinder with a ceramic blade to grind it to powder. the powder you get will be mixed with some ceramic powder, you can separate this by using water and a pan then stir it as if you were panning for gold to get the zinc powder. This would seem to be a lot labor but conceder that this will cost about $1 per pound of zinc.