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where can i salvage decent solar panels from? Answered

i need to knw where can i salvage decent solar panels from or where i cn get CHEAP but EFECTIVE solar panels....but i can't buy it of the net.any household items that use it?


I,m not sure where you are but I suggest that you look to your telecommunications provider for used solar panels.
If you are in a large country like the US or Australia the your "Telco" people will have remote exchanges that use Solar Panels and a deep cycle battery bank as the emergency power unit.
The batteries are replaced every year and the panels every three years here in Aus. Both have years of service left in them.

An alternative is to build your own panels.
This is the cheapest way by far to build an array.
This link tells you how..
You can buy appliances that use 12 volts if you think "trailer/caravan/recreational vehicle" rather than "household"....there are 12 volt microwave ovens, fans, air coolers, fridge/freezers, kettles, TV's, lights........and lots more available.
Lots of people run the 12 volt dc power their panels produce through an "inverter" to change it to 110 volts ac or 240 volts ac so that they can use ordinary household appliances but this isn't nearly as efficient (it wastes a lot of power) as changing to 12 volt appliances.
I added a pic of the fridge so that you can see how big it is.
I hope this helps.

If are able to get them off the internet, you can get a tube of broken solar panels for like $2 off electronics goldmine and you just cut off the broken part with a glass cutter. Even the smallest pieces will power a DC motor. I think there are 20 pieces in each tube.

try asking around at some car dealerships, some places store the cars with a solar panel on the dash to keep the battery fresh.

Besides solar outdoor lights or anything else "solar," they're not in very many things. There are tiny ones in some calculators, that's about all I can think of.

garden lamps get some1 to buy online for you. that'd be way cheaper for the same amount of electricity

If you're after "household", your best bet is probably solar garden lamps.