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where can one buy oogoo from and how much does it cost? Answered

one of the articles - "how to make handles for old screwdrivers" called for the use of oogoo


2 parts silicome caulk, 2 parts cornstarch, 1 part mineral spirits.

Here is probably the best instructable for making Oogoo.

The commercial product is Sugru and you can order it here.

I'd say get Sugru first, and if you find you start using it all the time or using large quantities of it then it might be worth making Oogoo to save some cash.

There seem to be different views on what oogoo is - Some like this say is is a solid some say it is a none - Newtonian solid.

Assuming you want something solid then in the UK search fro Polymorph and in the USA search fro shape lock.

Or use the instructable linked above and make your own.

The none-Newtonian fluid you're thinking of is "oobleck" (pick your own spelling).

Thanks, age isn't improving my memory - I should have checked. :-)

Oogoo is a DIY version of Sugru. You can either make Oogoo or you can buy Sugru at www.sugru.com

I forgot to say I don't think you can actually buy it - It's silicone caulk and corn starch