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where can u find potassium nitrate from fertilizer ? Answered

in what type of fertilizer can u find potassium nitrate


You can find potassium nitrate in triple 20 and many other fertilizers.

But if you want clean potassium nitrate try your local pharmacist.

There is a Wikipedia article that explains NPK numbers.


I am speculating here, but there might exist places in the world where you can just buy fertilizer grade potassium nitrate (KNO3), like in 40 pound bags, or whatever.

If it's out there, pure KNO3 fertilizer should have a NPK number of,


That's according to the Wiki article linked above. I have not done the math myself.

I decided to do the math, but the answer I got for the NPK rating, for pure KNO3, is closer to 14-00-47.

I did the math with an Octave script. So I can attach that here, and share it with the rest of the class.

If anyone can see what I did wrong, please let me know.

%This script calculates the NPK numbers for pure KNO3
%The prefix "mm_" means "molecular mass"
%The prefix "mf_" means "mass fraction"


mm_KNO3 = [1,1,3]*[mm_K, mm_N, mm_O]'
mm_K2O = [2,1]*[mm_K, mm_O]'
mm_K2 = 2*mm_K
mf_K = mm_K/mm_KNO3
mf_N = mm_N/mm_KNO3
mf_O = mm_O/mm_KNO3


finalN = 100*mf_N
finalP = 0
finalK = 100*mf_K*K2O_factor

and here's the output from that script

mm_K = 39.098
mm_N = 14.007
mm_O = 15.999
mm_KNO3 = 101.10
mm_K2O = 94.196
mm_K2 = 78.197
mf_K = 0.38672
mf_N = 0.13854
mf_O = 0.15825
K2O_factor = 1.2046
finalN = 13.854
finalP = 0
finalK = 46.584

I worry about WHY you want it. However there are 100's of google hits or Youtube videos showing such extraction. I am not going to look it up for you.

i dont have youtube and as many websites because i dont have access to them okay buddy

look at it this way, several answers suggest this isn,t such , good idea. No matter if you want to hear that.

I guess if it was legal or a good idea you would know how to find this material locally (which I would also point out we don,t know).

Why don,t you have access to fairly common web sites?

hey buddy i dont need answers like that okay calm down okay

i want potassium nitrate because i want o make some smoke bombs

Highly illegal in many countries already, highly dangerous in all countries as things love to go wrong.
If you have problems obtaining nitrates it means you are in a restricted country and have the problems for a good reason: Too many people already misused it too much ;)
I love my smoke balls and rocket candy so I understand your pain but maybe this is something you did not hear before:
The smoke from nitrate smoke bombs is nothing you want to breathe in!
Smells great from the burnt sugar so most people don't consider that there is still unburnt nitrate and even nitrites in the smoke - as very very fine particles.
Lungs and eyes can suffer badly and permanent damage to your airways is no myth either.

Assuming that I am correct with you being in a restrictive country you might want to consider a legal option that in fact can be much cheaper and even create better smoke.
Check a good RC shop for hobby rocket supplies or model jet engines.
If they have these it should mean they also have smoke canisters, powder, tablets and more as they are used to trace the model during flight.
The same volume of this powder, compared to a nitrate mix, will create about twice the amount of smoke and burn for about 5 times longer....

because its a(n) (very) active ingredient in other explosives ?