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where can you find cheap red worms for composting? Can you buy these locally? Answered


Check out cheap prices from Uncle Jim's Worm Farm, they are the leading authority in selling composting worms, composting bins, worms bins, gardening tools and great heirloom seeds of fruits and vegetables. They also have a great live customer support that will guide and answer questions all the way.

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7 years ago

your local bait shop will probably have red wigglers. If you can't find one, you can always buy online. There are a lot of websites that sell composting worms and deliver it to your doorstep. http://www.gardenworms.com is one of them.

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9 years ago

I got mine from a manure pile at a local stable. If you're not proud, you can get as many as you want for free. ;-)

The cheapest red worms or red composting worms you are going to find on the net are at www.macsworms.com

People who do home vermicomposting are often happy to share worms with others, since the worms are constantly multiplying there is rarely a shortage. Sharing worms means more worms, less waste and more potential people to share worms - everyone wins! How do you find these people locally? Now there is an online map: http://vermicomposters.com/ And on it you will find the contact info of vermicomposters in your area.


9 years ago

Ask at your local health food store if they know anybody who composts (They will) Just a handful of their worms will get you started and will make babies quickly. People are happy to share their worms with a fellow vermiculturist.

. IIRC, they are also known as red wigglers and can be found at most bait shops.