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where do I get a small voice recorder that you can record without someone knowing? Answered

having trouble with harassment at work and need to record conversations without anyone knowing.


Can you avoid being harassed in private? Can you start complaining through the proper channels?
Covert recording may actually be harmful to your position - be careful.


+1. A recording made without a court order and without all the parties knowing that it is being made is probably not admissible as legal evidence, and playing the recording for anyone who was not present at the time the recording was made may be of questionable legality. Arranging for a trustworthy witness would be less questionable, and might by itself be enough to solve the problem.

Note: In the following, I'm assuming that there really is an actionable harassment issue. (I state this because I've also seen some cases which really were overreaction.)

First thing to do, of course, is to calmly ask the person who is annoying you to stop doing so.

If that fails, next step is to talk to your manager, or if your manager is the problem talk to your company's HR people. Dealing with harassment issues is almost certainly part of their job; if not, connecting you with the right person is *definitely* part of their job. Note that you may have to be flexible about solutions, such as being willing to switch to a job which separates you from the other person.

And if they can't solve the problem, your next step may be to tell them that you'll have to ask a lawyer how to proceed from there. But don't bring this out until the company has tried and failed to deal with it internally. Threatening your employer with a public scandal can be a career-limiting move. So can covert recording, especially if the company has anything resembling a company security policy, so I wouldn't start that *except* under direction from the company or from your own lawyer.

Many MP3 players can do this.


7 years ago

You can purchase voice activated recorders for under $20 U.S. at almost anyplace that sells small electrical appliances and devices. I've seen Micro-cassette recorders at Walgreens for less than $10.


7 years ago

You can pay cash ( leave no trace ) at Radio Shack.