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where do i go to get info on turning my cuecat into a barcode reader? Answered

bought a cuecat from a thrift store for $1, and I want to use it with my ubuntu box as a bar code reader are there any good sites for this?



I had a cuecat - sold it to someone who really needed it. Anyhoo - it acts like a keyboard. Most programs expect that it will act like a keyboard. When it scans something, it types the scanned info quickly, then presses 'enter' (carriage return line feed, CrLf or #10#13) Like point of sale software - you type the number then hit enter - this works as a keyboard as well.

oops, forgot to mention, you have to open it up and cut a trace on the pcb to disable the encryption... otherwise it outputs garbeldegook.

see here

if i get it right its supposed to just work from this moment as if you typed the num on ur keyboard