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where do i wire the speaker into the circuit? Answered

So i built this Music LED Light Box from Motadacruz's Instructable, but it doesn't have any audio, so i wired an audio jack in (as shown by the little yellow boxes in the diagram) but when i plug headphones or speakers in, the audio works, but the lights don't. can someone please tell me where to wire the audio jack in at?


. You need to connect a pre-amp (with a fairly high input impedance) at the yellow boxes instead of trying to drive the headphones directly.

. You could use high impedance headphones, but that won't give much volume.

coll, thanks. It just so happens that I'm already working on a pre-amp any ways. :D

+1. hit the nail on the head. Signal level audio is crap for driving speakers, so you need to amplify. If you have a low impedence amplifier, it will take all the signal and the TIP transistor will see none of it. Other option is to plug this into a line out plug and plug the speakers into the speaker out -- presuming one doesnt mute the other.