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where do u get the brown connectors with the little rod sticking out one side? i cant find them in any stores. Answered

they are like the blue u-turn connectors that have one end to hook on a rod but the brown one has a little brown stick stickng out of it to stop stuff from moving.


http://www.knexusergroup.org.uk/acatalog/knex-parts-clips.html?region=eu they're like 2cts a piece and 1ct if you buy more than 100 i've bought them them there for a very long time

K'nex sets with motors & whels will probaly have them. Or you can order them from


8 years ago

they are from a classic knex set, they are really hard to get, ive got 5

when you mean classic do you meen the tiny sets knex used to do??? because i used to get them and i have loads of the tan clips

nope, the very first knex sets... ok

i have loads of them

i got some i dont need any more answers.

all of them are good, yet i am trying to get some off of ebay with a whole set of other peices. if not i always knew i could get some at the store, they just werent a great deal for the money u pay and wot u get.

Here are two different places you can get them.
Here and Here
I would go for the first link, you'll get more pieces for the money.

the tan lock connectors? I can find them in any set I buy. Try sawblade thrill ride.