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where do you get moss without buying? can they be present in my own garden? Answered

There are some DIY terrariums and ecosystems in this website I'd really love to make, but then i would have to have some MOSS and many instructables don't tell where to get some w/o buying. Please help me out here!!!


Where do you live? Moss us usually right next to small streams.

Trees, Walls on my roof and in my lawn. However in general the sort of moss your looking for is sphagnum moss and you need to find a bog.

The mosses you would like grow in wet / damp conditions, and not necessarily on the ground. The don't much like hot-sun so grow best in damp shady areas.
Go looking in woods near water - please note steve.
You might get lucky in a roofing-gutter that hasn't been cleaned for a long time...


Find some very wet local terrain, and you should find some in that kind of ecosystem. Only take it with permission, and remember there are other organisms living there you will deprive of habitat.