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where in canada can i find salt peter? Answered

i need it for a science  project!! please



You could always make it if you aren't in a hurry and have a strong stomach


Look under history of production.  This doesn't go into detail but it explains that the process is actually easy, just really involved.  A little googling and you should be able to find better directions.

i may be wrong, but I'm fairly sure you can find salt peter in weed killer or it might be chemical fertilizer, either way it is a gardening product that can be found at your local bunnings.

Sorry, but if you need it for a school project, ask your science teacher.  He can get it for you (and probably already has some). 

It's difficult to get in most of Canada without having an obvious legitimate use.  It's really fallen out of favor with consumer-level businesses because of the potential liability if someone uses it in smoke bombs or explosives.  I've handled it myself and I even sold it by the sack and by the ton...  but even I had to stop dealing with it because of one kid who used half a cup of it in a fake bomb threat.  For a lot of businesses, it's a similar story.

If you want to buy it yourself, you may have to go through a chemical house or an industrial supplier.

Ask Science-teacher, they ought to have a better idea than you & I.