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where is a cheap place in hawaii to buy electronic parts other than radioshack and online? Answered




Best Answer 9 years ago

you could instead go to the dumps and try find electronic stuff there or ask your friends and family if they could give you any broken or old electronic devise, you can then salvage electronic parts from the device.

Yeah, most often, you don't get what you exactly wanted though...

i only extract capacitors resistors and diodes sometimes i pull transistors

I extract what you said, and transformers and inductors (If the circuit board have any).

i like to keep the resistor on the board, and when i need a specific resistor, i just look through all my circuit boards

used to be a wackey willeys out there but they closed. I bought all my stuff mail order cause nothins cheap in Hawai'i.

Really, it depends what u are looking for. every place sells some electronic parts.