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where is a good place to buy U.S.A made T-shirts for a cheap price(under $4.00 each) online? Answered

I recently have started selling my hand painted shirts at local markets. I bought my original shirts from a company now out of business, and my supply is starting to dwindle.
I would like to buy U.S made or organic, but most of the shirts I've seen cost way more then my meager budget will allow.   Mostly I'm looking for extra-large, large and medium mens or unisex sizes. Anybody got any ideas where to look locally or online? 


Your best bet (should you want this to turn into a real business) is to register as a business and then buy from American manufacturers.  You will get it cheaper and won't have to pay sales tax.  Additionally, depending on your state and how much you sell, you may already be required to register/get licensed/whatever.

What is "local" to you? You don't show a location in you profile.

You might try your local screen printer. My local one usually has culls (misprints), overstocks and customer never picked up shirts, caps etc. for very little cost.

Things is, buying genuine US materials is likely to cost more than your budget, is it worth enough to you to buy US ? If it is you have to pay the going rate.

In what quantity? More will be cheaper per...


7 years ago

Have you gone to local people with the prices you have found. In this economy, you may be surprised what helping a "neighbor" can do! Also, keeping it local......... C'mon!

.  I plugged "U.S.A. made T-shirts" into Google (C&Pd from your title) and the first hit was
.  May turn out to be expensive stuff but it looks like a good place to start.