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where is a good place to get soda can tabs not the cans just the tabs no digging in trashcans around roanoke preferably? Answered

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Buy and drink the sodas. Ask your friends to save theirs. It adds up fast. I acquired over 7,000 tabs in a week once, just by asking a half a dozen people to contribute. They pitched in, some of their friends pitched in, etc. Post a note in the breakroom/lunchroom at school or work, near the recycling bin. Put a bag or cup there and people might just drop their tabs in it for you. Just keep in mind that sometimes people collect these for charities, often a drive to purchase a wheelchair for someone who needs it. Find out if that's going on, and if it is... don't interfere. Let them have any tabs you collect. Wheelchairs are expensive.

i have 2 stepbrothers but they only stay for the weekend and my parents are not heavy soda drinkers on the charity note my elementary school had one for the ronald mcdonald charity

Go to McDonalds and offer to buy whatever is in their collection bin for more than what aluminum is getting for scrap value.

You can go to a recycling plot,and ask for cans or tabs, if not you can host a party, buy alot of cans and ask them to but the cans in 1 seperate bag, (reason can and not TAB is so they dont think you invited them just for tabs...)


8 years ago

 If you go to eBay and buy in bulk you can get a good price. Don't pay more than $1-2 (US) per pound. A good deal is around $0.78/lb.

Charities that collect them will often sell them at a $1.50/lb, as they sell them to recyclers for about $0.48/lb. 

Good luck~

Local recycling depots may give you the tabs for free if you take them off of the cans yourself. Call them first to check. /necromancy