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where is a good place to meet girls? Answered

where is a good place to meet girls for a teenager looking for a girlfriend


dnt start laughing but join a sport or speech u make new friends and mayb meet sum1

apparently guys think that Krystal's is a good place to meet girls, considering this is where they give u their #...

You gotta get involved in community events. Like outdoor concerts, plays, riots, etc.

In terms of meeting new girls, just keep looking, they turn up here and there. For meeting some one you're dating then a favourite place of mine is the local milk shake bar.

I didn't like high-school so much for meeting new friends. Don't get me wrong, I met dozens of new people on a daily basis, but interaction was always really short. We had 7 minute recesses, a 25 minute lunch, and a 7 minute clear-out policy at the end of the day. Most of the girls I dated in high school were either a) introduced by a mutual friend as a blind/arranged date or b) picked up at an after-class activity. So I suggest you join a few extra-curricular activities at your school or go to wherever the other teens hang out and hang out.

Your parents (directly or through taxes) are paying large amounts of money to trap you for many hours every weekday in a small building with hundreds or thousands of girls your age. I don't think you could ask for a better opportunity than this.

Sadly, many people of *this* generation are really snooty, and if you're not in the IN crowd, you're not in.

Be yourself, be genuine, fun, and nice to people. It will pay off eventually. Being 'with' someone for the position of being 'with' someone - you're wasting your time at that age.