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where is the best place to buy paracord not on the internert? Answered

i live in the usa in South Dakota i am trying to find a good place to buy paracord not on the internet any good suggestions


If you want actual 550 para cord you might have some difficulty finding it in SD if you don't live in Sioux Falls, Mitchell, or Rapid City. You can find "sportsman's cord" at Walmart or Alco, but it won't be as strong as actual para cord. Sporting goods and military surplus stores usually carry it if there are any near you. You might try a hardware or farm store. They might even order it for you if they don't normally carry it. Another option might be to ask a friend or relative with better access to buy it and send it to you.


4 years ago

In Rapid City, I know Runnings started to carry the actual 550 paracord. Not a giant selection, but lots of different lengths and several colors. They can also order some as well. Walmart has also started carrying actual 550 also.

In England all the pound stores have it. Have you checked your local dollar store?

yes i have check there and found nothing and like the only other place i can think of is cabellas which the nearest one is 5hrs away

If you don't want to use the Internet, then don't. Open up your phone book and call around: camping stores, surplus stores, and sporting-goods stores should all have paracord in stock.