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where is the cheapest place to full scale airsoft AEGs? Answered

I want to get an AEG with a least 250 fps but don't know where to find one for under $60. can yoU HELP?


If you're feeling lucky, try ebay or Amazon. I use Airsplat.com for guns and accessories, but you may have a hard time finding a good full-auto gun for those prices. You're better off spending the extra money to get a better gun or buying a spring-powered gun (it'll only shoot one round at a time, but it will likely be a bit cheaper if you go for a shotgun or cheap-ish sniper.) I have a few buddies who spent $30-50 for guns and the ones who bought AEG's in that range were disappointed, but the guy who got the shotgun loves it. Hope this helps.

thanks! I tried all and airsplat gave me the best deal. i only play backyard airsoft, so i don't need a high fps.

I'm glad I could help. Just beware that they may take a long time to ship something if it's out of stock. It took a few months to get my gun when it was out of stock, but they did ship the product as described and they were speedy about it once it was actually back in stock. I had another smaller order that consisted of items which were in stock and they shipped it almost immediately.

yea! i am getting an M-4 shipped to me. i don't mind if it takes long because i don't want to pay much extra fo shipping!

The website I use is Evike.com it has a large selection of airsoft guns! But if your looking for an inexpensive but good gun, you might want to check what is called, The Boneyard. With some mechanical knowledge you might be able to get a semi-broken airsoft gun! You'd just need to diagnose the problem and fix it if you're good at that. Some guns even work fine out of the box! They also offer clearance items in the boneyard.

I'm getting sick and tired of all of these "I need a good gun for cheap!!!!!" type questions. The thing is, there is no such thing as an 'AEG' under $60 that isn't a piece of junk. You either have to pay up or get a nice spring gun.

Ther are some good websites. airsoftgi.com is the best in my opinion. hobbytron.com airsplat.com is okay