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where the wild things are party games Answered

I'm throwing a where the wild things are themed party for a bunch of 7 - 12 year olds. what sort of games would you suggest? We have pin the tail on the monster, pass the parcel and limbo. Apple bobbing and things that make a mess on carpet are out due to the location.

help! i can't think of any more.


 I remember at my 11th birthday party we had a paper outfit making contest. All you need is a bunch of news paper and tape and maybe some yarn. Perhaps the children could  try to make they're best monster instead of a dress. you could also have little boat races in a tub since max travels in a boat. Also obstacle courses are fun, you could have them do a bunch of things from the book and get finished before dinner is cold. G'LUCK!

Make a giant hole in a tree?

Why? The kids could use a chainsaw(and safety goggles I suppose)
I never read the book, or saw the movie, so that's all I got. Sorry.