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where to buy a piezoelectric generator? Answered


If you want just a brief pulse of electrical power, then this could maybe be satisfied by one of those barbeque lighters.

If you want a continuous power output signal, then maybe you want something like this:
That gizmo can produce a few milliwatts of electrical power when placed in an environment that is continuously vibrating.

To me that Volture(tm) gizmo linked above seems like a very expensive toy.  I mean there much cheaper ways to get comparable amounts of power; e.g. a coin cell battery, a small solar cell, etc. Also I am not sure where you find an environment that is constantly vibrating. Maybe on a truck, or helicopter, or windmill?  I dunno.

The last time somebody asked this question, I think I suggested some cheaper alternatives, just for experimenting with,  like those little disc shaped piezoelectric speakers found in electronic alarm clocks and other noise makers.  That answer can be found here:


5 years ago

There aren't any but the barbeque grill igniters
and my 20KV hand unit.