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where to buy acrylic Answered

Hello, I am trying to figure out where to buy glass quality acrylic I can mix myself and make a cube 1ft^3 out of. 
also if anyone knows the safety issues. Do i need a fume hood or gas mask?




2 years ago

You would need a suitable sized vacuum chamber to do it really good.
As you can only use quite low volumes you need to cast in stages, the next always shortly before the previous cures fully.
Only extrem expensive resins cure with next to no shrinking - all normal casting resings shrink when curing!
It takes a lot of know how and experience to create a big cast like yours without ruining the entire thing towards the end.
Heat is also an issue in such big volumes.

In this size you might have better chances with a "fish tank".
Glass and water have very similar refraction properties, same for some oils and plastics.
If you find the right liquid where your wall material seems to disappear when you submerge it then it will be very hard to tell that the cube is not solid.
Of course it needs to be airtight and free of air - or the last bubbles need to be covered with rim on the top.


2 years ago

You can search for plastic or resin suppliers and look up the material datasheets for safe handling instructions. Casting resin is relatively expensive and in volume. Also, getting an optically clear cubic foot of acrylic by DIY casting is challenging if you do not have the setup/technique for it.