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where to buy mechanical supplies? Answered

I am looking to build and assemble a dehumidifier, where can i buy the different components and parts specifically  in the UK...or any other part of the world (as a last resort)



In case you don't have an old refrigerator, you can also use an air cooler. refrigerator will be more effective though. There are water-cooled air coolers which use compressors and copper coils available in the market. Another option is to use cooled water. You will get copper tubes in a hardware store. Use the copper tube to make a coil. A fan is also required. Take the cooled water in a basin/basket, use a small compressor to circulate the cool water in the coil. The design will be more effective if you keep the coil just behind the fan.

Just convert an old working refrigerator. Pull the compressor and cooling coils out. Add a fan to draw air across the cooling coil so that the humidity will condense on the coils and drip off into some sort of catch basin or drain.

Any AC or refrigeration supply will have what you need to build a dehumidifier.



4 years ago

thankyou all guys...very helpful! Cheers!!