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where to find 55 barrel to make compose? Answered



I got some today from a local candy manufacturer- $15

Looking on Craigslist was the key for me!

I'm also calling everyone I can for the school district and the city to see if I can get them for free from them.

I just picked up ten from our local pepsi distributor. They cost $10 each. I called Coke and other beverage places...they haven't called back. Our local shoyu manufacturer would charge $30 for the same barrel.

. A lot of steel drums are reused nowadays and they are getting hard to find. . I don't think you will need an intact drum (a few holes, dents, &c; shouldn't be a problem), so you may be able to ask at places like vince 09 mentions and get one that can't be reused. Try to think of ppl/places that would buy lubricants (farmers), fuels, chemicals, &c; in drums and call them.

like a 55 gallon drum? depending on where you live I live in a small town 600 people lol and there is a grain house here that has a lot of them you might check places like that (grain houses, feed stores, or farmers equipment stores) hope this helps