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where to find a girl friend? Answered

I dont know where to find a girlfriend cause im in a boys school :( i dont even know how to ask a girl to be my boy friend so yeah please help me!!!


World of Warcraft seems to be a popular place : /.. well, today i discovered that Parkoúr is not only good for you and great fun, if you are good at it, it seems to attract some girls. my advice is: start doing Parkoúr. it might not get you a girlfriend, but it's fun!

Everyone dreams to find a soul mate. But often people don’t know where to get a girl? or meet women. In fact, the answer to this question is very simple: you can do it anywhere! It all depends on you. Although there are some places where the chance to get a girl much higher. we’ll discuss about some of them at >> wWw.WhereToGetAGirl.Com

finaly someone that knows parkour :D
great answer i have one because of parkour

As indeed does rock climbing...I met my wife at my climbing club. Any girl going along was pretty well certain to be dating a club member in a year..... Steve

...i dont even know how to ask a girl to be my boy friend..

That's part of your problem right there!

Seriously, though, relax - there is no expiry date on relationships.

I was 18 before I got my first real girlfriend. We've been together for over two decades now, married for 19 of them.

For the record, she asked me out on our first date, but I asked her to marry me.

What's the rush ? Girls will wait for you to aquire some skill and interest in pursuing them. Stand back and watch the other guys screw up for a bit. Don't get too hung up on the first girls you find - it helps to kiss a few frogs before you find A Keeper. Steve, married for 14 years to the Geek Girl of his dreams.