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where to find a pager motor without buying on the internet cause i dont really trust it. Answered

i want to make a bristlebot but i dont have a pager motor



Blindingly obvious answer: from an old pager. Pager motors are the motors that make pagers and mobile phones vibrate. Electric toothbrushes that just "buzz" (instead of twisting and turning the head) contain pager motors as well. Or you can make one - and motor with an off-centre weight will vibrate, and if the motor is large, you just make a large bristlebot. I have seen video of one large enough to carry an adult. It was Japanese.

I have seen them for $1.00 on the Internet. Some electronics suppliers sell them as replacements for mobile phones. You can get an old phone from a rubbish bin or disposals bins at recyclers. You can get old phones from a trash-and treasure market. Old phones have vibrators. Some miniature remote control toys have pager motors to drive the wheels. This is just a few of places I have seen pager motors. Colin Mitchell TALKINGELECTRONICS.com