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where to find used solar garden lights Answered

there are a lot of solar instructables that bring down cost by telling people to just salvage broken solar garden lights. what i want to know is where do they find those busted solar garden lights



You buy a set, have a dog that gets walked on a leash or have lots of people walking around or bad weather with strong winds and heavy rain, in under a year you have busted solar garden lights to work with. And with the dang things being so cheap these days, I wonder how many people throw out "busted" ones when it's cheaper to buy new lights than get new rechargeable batteries for them.

You have two options 1 : Go to local garden center/market and buy some, they are ALWAYS there ard are usually on a clearance sale. 2 : Stick a balaclava on , hop the fence and grab all the glowing things the hop fence into next garden and grab all the lights there too, return home and bask in you ninja light grabbing skills

Keep an eye out at the dump, have a ride about on trash day, these things are very flimsy so many throw them out even though they're easy to fix...