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where to find/recycle supercapacitors? Answered

been wondering just in what and where do they use super caps? i recycle any an all where i can and thought sum ofs ya could give me a clue as to where would a good source?i have coffee cans full of reg caps taken outta pcs an such but as far as i can tell i've never happened upon any super caps in anything yet.any info would help! thank you.


What capacitance rating do you consider a supercapacitor or what did you intend to use them for? Stuff used for digital electronics and TVs might be regular sized but there are also ones for industrial applications that you normally wouldn't see.

"Supercaps" are generally 1F or greater.

They are easily available online, or from stores like Radio Shack or Maplins.

They may also be found in electronics that need to keep a clock running when the power is off, such as VCRs, DVD players or computers (although the latter usually have a CR2032-style battery instead).

Depending on the function you want them to perform, they may be replaced by AA or AAA rechargeable batteries.