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where to get wine corks? Answered

I need wine corks for a project i'm working on, and have not been able to find them. I have tried asking a friend who is a caterer, no luck. I have asked other people, but no one has any. please write any suggestions that you have. I have no money, so it would be best if they where free.



Best Answer 5 years ago

An upscale restaurant might save used ones for you... or a place that does wine tastings. They would be used, of course.


5 years ago

You can buy them here.


Or drop a note to a mass cork mfg.

Represent yourself as a Wine rep trying to show a client a new cork supply.

You cannot reveal the client because of industrial spies.

A free sample of 200 should do it :-)

Amazingly you can buy them (unused) very easily. Web site abound, Any Brew shop will carry them for home wine making.

In the Uk many supermarkets have them for the same reason.

Try eBay or any local craft store. You can get upwards of 100 or more for around $15 online.