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where to install silab driver? Answered

Im stuck at the drivers install using siLabs. Running win 10 the silab site does not appear as in the lesson link. The site allows at least a win10 selection ending in 64 or 86.. upon downloading the 64 zip file I attempted to open it in the computer's file for arduino/ driver. I do not see the installer window as shown in the lesson and of course it does not reflect that I have successfully installed the driver.

Any direction please. Thanks for the course.



Best Answer 10 months ago

The screenshots in the lesson aren't using the same operating system as you are, so driver installation will look a bit different. When I download the windows driver zip, I see two .exe files, did you try double clicking CP210xVCPInstaller_x64.exe or CP210xVCPInstaller_x86.exe?


Answer 10 months ago

I apologize for using your valuable time. I solved part of the problem. I have a limited memory netbook. I neglected to remember Arduino was saved on an internal sd card. I think sillab is working because I find the huzzah listed. I never saw the installation completed however

But I got to "port" and selected com3 instead of serial ports. I can't find how to undo that and select serial ports.

Sorry for being so obtuse