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where would be a good place to find an electron gun? Answered

I remember hearing that old tv's and possibly monitors have these, i'm thinking about making my own free electron laser, and i need a good source of, well, free electrons.


The things in the TV's are the cathode ray tubes it uses 30000v to fire electrons at the fluorescent screen.

Do you even know what an FEL is, or how it works? A source of electrons is the least of your problems.

Lots of things are named oddly like that in electronics. An electron "Gun" is not any kind of gun. It is just a "heating element" that emitts electrons. It only works in a vacuum. Here are a couple more things named oddly:

A circuit called a "crowbar circuit" does not contain any "crowbars." but it figuratively hits the fuse with a "short" if the voltage goes too high...kind of like hitting it with a "crowbar."

A circuit in some color tv's called a "Jungle-circuit"... contains no jungles. It was named that because it had so many connections the designer thought it resembled the complexity of a jungle.

I think this is a kind of GEEK-HUMOR. Does anyone know of any more examples of this kind of funny-naming of electronic stuff?

"Magnetic fields" are forever,
a "mega Cycle" is a very large Harley
and a "wave guide" is a useful surfing aid.


7 years ago

If you could Lase free air electrons you might disintegrate matter.
Anyhow electrons just like pennies from he_ven are free.