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where would i conect a capacitor on a bridge diode to get the best current smoothing? Answered

using a small homemade bridge diode to power some radio equipment. i want to try and "clean up" the dirty dc that it puts out. where would i put a capacitor and what kind/rating would i use? the AC supply is a lionel 18 volt, 80 watt train transformer, that i am going to callibrate to the 13.8 volts that my radio rigs crave. any tips/pointers/ suggestions?


You need a nice fat electrolytic capacitor across the DC outputs of your bridge.

Hitting 13.8 is going to be harder. You're going to see 18 x 1.4 Volts DC on the output of your bridge, when you add the capacitor.

What current does your rig need ?


im thinking around 6 amps. amps + watts over volts right? 80 (watts) divided by 13.8 (volts) =5.8 amps, which should more than do the trick. i have a 200 volt cap. would that work?


7 years ago

plus im gonna set it to 13.8. it can deliver 18 volts but it is variable from 2 volts to 18