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where would i get a dc motor for a wind turbine e.g washing machine,lawnmower? What are the specs for this motor? Answered

Dc motor for wind turbine



Were you looking at a wind turbine Instructable? (The question "What are the specs for this motor?" makes me think you were)

Go back to the page you were looking at. Scroll down towards the bottom and click on Add Comment in the lower left hand area.


I am looking to build a wind turbine and was wondering what would be the best motor to select I have a 24v dc motor but would it be suitable

That sounds quite heavy, but with big enough blades and plenty of wind you'd expect to get a decent amount of power out of it.
Have a look at these instructables - the DIY 1000 watt one is good.


The 24v motor I got from a stair lift from work so its just handy to use the, DIY 1000 watt seems to much trouble as i wouldn't have the resources,what would be the ideal motor to use? the motor i have is 24v 2.6amp and 42 r.p.m i read that low amps,r.p.m and high voltage is ideal would you agree

I didn't mean for you to have a go at that turbine, but to pick up ideas from it that suit your build. I think your motor would work, with big enough blades and plenty of wind. Although I wonder whether you'd need to add gearing..? L

Is the idea behind gears to get the r.p.m up

you will need to gear your wind turbine for a 24V 42rpm by lowering the rpm and putting the bug cog on the motor because if you put 24 volts in you will get 42rpm but if you give it more than 45rpm you risk getting more than 24 volts and blowing you motor.

Your issue will be startup torque with that motor. It has a high voltage output at low RPM (good) but will the wind be able to turn it to start generating? Can you turn the shaft by hand and produce some output, measure on a multimeter or run a light-bulb of known power.