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where would i get a nerf gun maverick or nite finder in australia toys r us doesn't have em? Answered

online and in ebay i can't find any mavericks or nitefinder under about 30 plus p&H cause i want to do some modding or can anyone suggest a simlar looking gun to the nitefinder for cheap Thanks Klect960 Instructables pride 4 life lol :)



 according to the site, u can get them at big w, coles, kmart, myer, target and toys r us.
my friends all got them at kmart so i would recommend that.

Thinkgeek.com has a Maverick for about the same price as you could get it in the states. Its like $15. As for S&H it costs like $6 for them to ship over here in Germany.

I don't know about where to find them, but I'd recommend the Maverick over the Nite Finder (I have both).