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where would you find some cheap weedeater motors? Answered

i would like to find some weedeater motors it can be just the motor or some type of motor like it like a blower or something where they have them online for really cheap, like under $40 



If you don't trust eBay, and you don't know someone you can scrounge from, craig's list or freecycle are probably your best bets.

I'm not sure whether this is the best or worst time of year to be looking for those.

And as Burf says, I'd broaden your search.

Freecycle is an "I'm about to throw out X; does anyone want it" network, usually organized as local mailing lists. A websearch will tell you whether there's a freecycle group near you. If so, it's legitimate to post a "wanted" note to that list and see whether anything turns up. Generally freecycle transactions are indeed free... but for that reason, you may have to wait quite some time before anything in particular goes by, and of course someone else may offer to take it before you do.

I've used Freecycle to unload a refrigerator, some folding chairs, and a few other things I no longer needed. I've also picked up a few items that others have offered. It's a nice idea.

If there isn't already a Freecycle group in your area, you could of course try to get one started. That may be more work than you want to go to for just this one item, but it might be a nice public service.

cool so is freecycle like a thing where its like www.freecycle.com and you can just add your area or something?

i have a good weed eater engine that im selling works excellent dont want it to go to waste asking 25$ obo anyone would be intrested in san antonio tx

I live one block from a recycling center and I have seen lots and lots of weed eaters there, some even looked like new they sale them for scrap prices very cheap, this past summer I bought a 18 horse riding mower for $30 all it needed was a battery you can get lots of good stuff at recycling centers.

there arn't any near where i live though they are all auto stuff


7 years ago

Rather than looking for a weedeater engine specifically, I would expand my search to gas powered leaf blowers, chain saws and other portable gas engine devices. I bought a near new weedeater at a garage sale this summer for $10 because the owner had driven over the thing in his car, damaging the head and shaft but leaving the engine intact.
People who sell just the engine probably have a better idea of the value than someone who just wants to get rid of a broken tool.

i have been looking for stuff but i couldn't find a single thing in garage sales or stuff like that but i have also been trash picking trying to find one i found one before and the only thing wrong was brittle fuel lines.

you cant always trust ebay though and i do try craigslist but sometimes i cant find what i want

You can't always trust anything. If you were looking for a mobile phone, or a computer, I wouldn't trust Ebay, but I have never, ever had a problem with the esoterica I have bought on Ebay.