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which Arduino for a big fat noob! Answered

Hey guys

getting into the computer engineering major at school

i hear aduino are great to mess around with but im really confused by the all the specs and what they mean

so which model would be best for a big effin noob like me? dont need nothing TOO fancy but i want something that will give me plenty of projects to keep me busy for a while too. is there one that is that?

thanks for the help guys, love the site.

and if you feel like explaining what all the 128, 328, duemilenove, AVR, Mega etc etc please feel free lol


Well I got the Arduino Uno Rev 3 from Radioshack, and I have to say that it's a great device to get your feet wet about how Integrated circuits work. I bought mine about a week ago and I learned a ton about IC's. What's great about the uno is that you can build one yourself for about $10 (minus usb communication). I also recommend reading "How to get started with arduino Second edition".

PS:The duemilenove is the predecessor of the uno and i doubt you can still buy it.

Don't know how you should address the obesity problem but...
I got an Arduino Uno. There are many arduino variants based off of the atmega chip which has varying amounts of memory that can store the instructions or programming. Different circuit board designs that house the many chip comprise of the the different variants you see. Some may require the FTDI interface to USB, some have it built in like the Uno. The Uno also has onboard power connections for 3.3v and 5 volts to use with various electronic components. You can also power it off a 9v battery pack when not getting power from USB. Price varies amongst the different models. So far, the Uno has been a pretty good board for trying out things and you can follow ibles directly for things written for the arduino. I think it is the other components you need to add such as LEDs, motors, additional shields, sensors that the costs build up quickly. Arduino.cc is the web site for arduino. Good luck.

If you are completely new to the hardware side of things, I would just start with this kit:


I should clarify that this contains a very helpful book for getting up and running with Arduino and also some parts to actually play with (the main board included). This should keep you held over until you're knowledgeable enough to try more advanced projects. It really is quite fun and I hope you stick with it. Happy Programming!