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which RC transmitter to buy for my quadcopter? Answered

I am trying to buy a RC Transmitter for my quadcopter that I made myself. However, I am not sure which transmitter should I buy that would satisfy my requirement. I just need 4 channel (Basic channel) communication; nothing complicated.

Will this be suitable:

If not can anyone suggest me a good one please but not too expensive one. Probably around £30.

Thanks in advance :)



4 years ago

I am a single engine private pilot 600 hrs mountain flying and some time in gliders But can't fly these contraptions .... ugh.

Actually, if you watch the www.flitetest.com you will see that they are really easy to build and MUCH cheaper.

Build and cost are not a problem :-)

Controlling the thing in flight is where my piloting skills do not transfer.

Practice! :-) a good PC simulator helps as well.

Another pain in the past ... Flight Simulator !!!

I couldn't fly it, using a keyboard, soo .... I purchased the best computer stick and made foot pedals wired into the keys.

It was better ... I could take off and fly to my airport but never was able to land the easiest Piper or Cessna or any other ... ugh

I have been flying FSX for several years and can generally navigate from one place to another and expect to land successfully (most of the time). I have around 14 hours of Glider flying though and i know the real thing is somewhat different.

I was thinking about Phoenix RC simulator. It is pretty much how it works in real life. that is not always that easy.

I have recently returned to RC flying and tend to build my own aircraft, this being at least half the fun. Electric flight has made things much easier and approachable.

Amen to electric flight.

Some videos of a flock of quardracopters doing a 3D continuous maneuver take my breath away at the positional sophisticated control software.

Years ago when Bill Lear was toying with the concept of a serious flywheel car.

I had a design if a smaller dual counterotating prop assist version for a glider.

You would get a first tow up to working altitude. Work your way up on thermals or the Sierra-wave engage the prop and repeatedly dive to rev the flywheel. After that you could land and use the system to take off again all day and night if the Sierra-wave was flowing.

BTW the stored energy increases as the cube of diameter ... so a composite flywheel was light fiber kevlar rim with spokes spinning in a vacuum.

Energy was taken in and out through a magnetic window.

Lucubration in vacuum of the gear reduction was a difficulty.

Sorry I tagged that reply to th wrong post Iceng. I intended to reply to the OP

It would make it a lot easier to advise if you tell us where in the world you are.

There are many Chinese sourced 4 ,6, and 9 channel 2.4 Ghz systems around for about the £30 mark. Flysky is a good example.

I am based in London, UK. and well I dnt really want to buy the Chinese version as it will take almost 2 weeks to deliver. However, the only question I have at the moment is that if I buy any 4 channel 2.4GHz Transmitter and Receiver, that will work with the quadcopter right? Not like it will only work with some specific types of planes? Because I have found one on amazon, but I am not sure if it will be suitable for the quadcopter.


You will almost certainly find that TX has a couple of channels mixed together and so isn't what you want.


About the cheapest place in the UK although they often sell out of popular things I have found them very reliable and quick to ship (based in Peterborough).

They have a range of RC systems.

If you thinking of building from scratch then


is more than worth a look.

would you happen to know what is meant by fixed wing? casue I was looking for a transmitter and it says;


1xFixed Wing

I am not sure what does that means :(

Fixed wing means a conventional winged aircraft.

Some tx rx systems are intended for helicopters and have some internal mixing applied to connect throttle with collective pitch.

Quads have this mixing done on board in the gyro control unit. so a standard fixed wing set up will work for you.

O no I am not looking to make it from the scratch. It will take too long to do it now. I have an MPU6050 IMU that has a gyroscope and an accelerometer. I am using that for my stabilization.

If all you need is 4 channels then buy a 4 channel remote and receiver combo and you'll be all set. Unless you already have a compatible receiver.

yeah I just need 4 channels thats all. However, I cant get hold of a good remote :$ would u happen to know of a good RC remote that is in reasonable price range?

If good means quality then Spectrum , Futaba are about at the top of the Pile

http://www.flitetest.com tells it all